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I install openl2tp( in my server, lan ip of the

server is and wan ip of the server is i can connect l2tp

server in local area network, but i can not connect the l2tp server with wan ip, who could tell

me the reason ? thanks!


1 I can not connect to WAN from both inside or the outside of the network;

2 the routing is ok and the 1701 port is open

3 there are not enough error logs except some retry messages :(

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hw did you manage to install openl2tp im trying to install it and getting errors can u plz have a look here – dakait Feb 18 '15 at 5:24
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You did not specify if you are connecting to WAN from inside or from the outside of the network; but regardless I can actually only offer general troubleshooting instructions>

You should can start checking the connection by

  • pinging the IP, to prove routing is ok
  • scanning if the specific port is open, to check firewall configuration (in this case UDP 1701)
  • finally connecting with the actual client and examining logs (if possible tell the client to be verbose)

Once you have these results include the finding in the question itself

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