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So, here's the problem: I have to configure Connection Control IIS virtual SMTP server on Windows Server 2003, to be exact, which IP addresses can use the server. So, I run IIS Manager, open SMTP Virtual Server Properties, open Access tag, click on Connection Control -> Add... And I can only add a single IP address, or a range, or a domain. And I have a lot of addresses to add, so adding single IP addresses is not efficient, and for other reasons I can't add range or a domain.
Is there any way (be it an application, editing text files or running a batch script, or writing myself a C++/C# application) to mass add these addresses?
I'd be very grateful if someone could help me with that!

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The IP address restrictions are held in the IPSecurity property of the IIS Metabase.

As for modifying this programatically, this page looks like it may help you out:, specifically the bit under the heading "Import IP Security.vbs" looks like it ought to be a good starting point.

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Thanks, that was exactly what I needed! – user905747 Aug 25 '11 at 18:23

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