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Im running "Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Production" and trying to get familiar with it. I have created a tablespace und set it online. How do I make sure the next create table statement is using this tablespace? Is store as dedicated to this? Does oracle automatically figure it out?

Thanks nn

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You have a few options available. The easy one:

CREATE TABLE your_table (field_a CHAR(1), ... ) TABLESPACE your_tablespace;

This will create the table "your_table" in the "your_tablespace" tablespace.

You could also create a user to make him use your tablespace as a default tablespace, thus all his objects (not only tables!) would be created in that tablespace:

CREATE USER your_user 
IDENTIFIED BY "your_password" 
DEFAULT TABLESPACE your_tablespace

GRANT CONNECT to your_user;

You could also modify an existing user to change the default tablespace:

ALTER USER your_user DEFAULT TABLESPACE your_tablespace;

From that moment on, all NEW objects will be created in your_tablesapce (Previously existing objects will NOT be moved automatically!)

To move a table from one tablespace to another:

ALTER TABLE your_table MOVE TABLESPACE your_tablespace;

Think that's all...

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hey, thanks for the quick reply, anyone please vote for this guy – Dieter Aug 22 '11 at 14:41

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