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I'm using a Windows XP desktop to test the I/O for a 4GB USB flash drive. I would like to use Performance Monitor to capture the statistics of the test, but neither the Physical Disk or the Logical Disk objects show the USB flash drive as a viable instance. I attempted to track the *Total and 0 C: instances, but *Total only tracked the C: drive and ignored the USB drive.

Does anybody know what Performance Object I need to use to get Logical Disk type data from a USB flash drive?

UPDATE: I have some very specific data files that I am using for the tests that represent the real-world usage these drives will see. This is why I am trying to use perfmon to track the performance instead of a benchmark utility.

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Odd. My XP machines do include extra counters for spinning disks attached via IDE/SATA->USB mass storage device adaptors, or did do last time I looked a few months ago, but I plugged a flash into my work laptop and it doesn't in this case. I'll try again later when I have access to a spare spinning disk to test. – David Spillett Jun 23 '09 at 17:10

Use a utility such as HDtune from It allows you to run tests on drives to see their bulk transfer rate and seek time.

I'm sure that there's a free version as well (have a hunt around for it).

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Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately the software only does benchmarks, not realtime performance tracking. – KevinH Jul 7 '09 at 16:49
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It turns out that the counters I was looking for are not available in Windows XP. They are in Vista and Windows 7 however. Since we are planning to upgrade our systems to Windows 7, I used that for my testing.

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