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I was looking at and they support PHP, ASP.NET, and ColdFusion for their Windows plan and for their Linux plan, they support PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, etc. Does anyone know if I can still run Ruby and Python on a Windows Plan or is this usually not done with Web Hosting Companies? I would really like the option to register one domain and have the ability to use Ruby, Python, PHP, or ASP.NET

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If it is shared plan, the answer is probably 'NO' but you can ask the specific hosting company directly. However, nothing prevents you to install, say Pytnon interpreter on a dedicated Windows box. The right choice in your case could be a windows VPS account with full administrative access, so that you are able to install whatever software you need.

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Check out

You'll get a better idea of who does what where right now.

Cheers, -Mathew

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this website give good and cheap plans

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