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Is it possible to track down changes to the Windows Update settings in the event logs (Win2008 R2 Std)?

I tried filtering the System event log by Source = WindowsUpdateClient but this seems to list only actual Windows Update actions. I also tried filtering the Security event log but couldn't find any useful criteria for the question at hand.

Which event log should I query and how can I filter for changes to Windows Update settings? Or would I need to configure a specific security auditing beforehand?


Since WU settings are stored in the registry, my more precise question would be if it is possible to employ security auditing on the respective registry keys.

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IIRC, changes to windows update settings are not logged.

But you can use GPO to set and lock windows update.

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We have locked the WU settings on our client machines via GPO but doing so on our servers is not an option. – Filburt Jan 23 '12 at 8:59

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