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I'm trying to deactivate the MS IIS Express Server, which comes with Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express 2010. While all non-weird servers can be stopped by simply stopping the service or ending the process, Microsoft made it different.

I tried:

iisreset /stop
iisreset /kill
net stop w3svc

I also tried to remove the http port 80 binding of the default site in the iis configuration manager. It still blocks port 80, showing a 404 error. Even after uninstalling MS Visual Web Developer Express 2010 and all of its components, the server is still there and shows a 404 site.

How do I remove this ?

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IIS Express can be uninstalled from Programs and Features aka run >> appwiz.cpl.

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I didn't want to fully uninstall it, I just wanted to stop it. But, even after uninstalling the IIS from Programs and Features, it still served a 404 page on localhost:80, the only thing that helped was to choose a system restore point before the installation of vwd express. Seems like something went wrong. – terabaud Aug 25 '11 at 12:59
@terabaud Thanks for the clarification. – Wesley Aug 25 '11 at 22:27
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ah, the service "Microsoft Web Deploy" (MsDepSvc) was the cause :)

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