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I need to get robocopy to exclude any file whose path contains a directory with a particular name. For example, "bar":


should be excluded, but not


Here are the things I tried -- each of which was rejected by robocopy:

/XD \bar\
/XD *\bar\*
/XD *^\bar^\*

Any ideas?

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Turns out the /XD matches on the directory name -- not the full path. So you don't actually have to worry about matching the backslashes.

So to exclude directories (anywhere in the path) called "bar", a simple /XD bar will work. If you wanted to exclude "barf", too, you could use /XD bar*.

Sometimes the answer is simpler than you think.

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Part of the failure is using a trailing \ in Robocopy when referring to a directory - which is a no-no - as Robocopy tries to interpret it as an escape character. Almost everyone makes this mistake in one way or another with Robocopy. With that in mind, this example will work:

/XD "*\Bar"

If you wanted to match a more specific folder structure (so as not to match other subfolders, you can add more detail, like:

/XD "*\Foo\Bar"
/XD "C:\Foo\Bar"
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Wildcard exclusions don't work. Robocopy will throw an error if you try. Did you test your examples? – user1751825 May 2 at 1:07

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