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I installed the project using rpm, then found out there was a typo in the application.xml file. then i searched the application.xml but could not it? its not in




where can I find it? Thanks.

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what are you talking about? which project? –  glglgl Aug 28 '11 at 6:03

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It is completely unclear to me what you mean, so I try to answer on a very general level.

If you have a .rpm and want to know what is contained in it, you can either do

rpm -q -lv <packet name>

for querying installed packets, or

rpm -qp -lv <rpm file name>

for querying .rpm files you want to inspect without installing.

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If you want to find a file in Linux and you know the name (or part of it) of the file, you can do this:

find / -name "filename.extension"

And you can use wildcards:

find / -name "file*"

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