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I build my webapp on a local machine, but from time to time I can go to a public Linux server on which I have two accounts using a ssh connection (with putty). My accounts are two Linux users, access to my public webapp is at the address: 'http://linux_srver_ip/~user_name'.

Using putty, when I'm logged as user_one, how can I switch to user_two account?

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Does user_one has sudo permission? – quanta Aug 29 '11 at 8:16
how can I find that? – dole doug Aug 29 '11 at 8:30
Run a command with sudo, e.g: sudo /usr/sbin/visudo. – quanta Aug 29 '11 at 8:35
You don't need sudo if you have the password for the second account. To see what sudo privs a user has, run "sudo -l" to list them. – cjc Aug 29 '11 at 11:02

su <username>

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I prefer "su - username". The "-" causes "su" to invoke the login shell process, which may be important if the other user should be accessed with a different environment from the first user's. – cjc Aug 29 '11 at 11:03

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