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Possible Duplicate:
Useful Command-line Commands on Windows

we need to mape a network folder on 2008server and client is XP; we want to use the command line on windows XP

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Net use [drive letter] [unc path]


net use z: \\servername\share$
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Why the $ ? I don't believe it is a requirement, but you can use it to create "hidden" share, correct? – uSlackr Aug 30 '11 at 12:11
Yes, the "$" is for hidden resources. – user48838 Aug 30 '11 at 12:46

the syntax is Net Use x: \\servername\sharename. X can be replaced with drive letter not already in use. If a drive letter is already in use and you need to reuse it, try Net use x: /del to remove the mapping first.

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"network folder on 2008server and client is XP"

If the XP account is different from the 2008 (server) account, then the "/user:[username]" option should also be included.

net use [drive letter] \\[servername]\[sharename] /user:[username]

It will then prompt for the password of the remote user on the server.

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