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I have a problem installing Windows 2003 Standart in a DL180 G6 using the Easy Set-Up CD provided by HP, Windows installation process return:

"The following value in the .SIF file used by setup is corrupt or missing, Value 1 on line 0 in section 'keyboard' setup cannot continue . to quit press F3"

I have tested with several keyboard always with the same results. Know someone what is malfunctioning?

I'm using a USB stick to load the Easy Set-Up CD and the Windows image because the server has not optical devices and there is no PS2 port in this server.

PS: Disk controller not detected in a clasical windows installation. (I prefer to avoid nLite)


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Have you tried the front and rear USB ports for keyboard input? Do you have a USB CD/DVD drive to try with for the purposes of loading the Easy Setup disc and potentially the current firmware DVD? Also, there's a chance that a newer release of the Easy Setup CD than what you currently have is available for the server.

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I agree with ewwhite, more than likely the making of your USB image did not go well, try re-creating the image otherwise get a USB CD/DVD drive for $40.00 – Tom Aug 31 '11 at 23:22

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