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I have a machine with two physical HD. Disk 0 - 2TB HD. Disk 1 - 64GB HD SSD.

I installed Server 2008 on Disk 0. Now, I need to disconnect Disk 1. Because I didn't install it there, I thought there would be no problem. But when I did so - the computer stopped working.

So, I reconnected and started investigating. It turned out that windows installed on Disk 1 as part of the setup something it likes to call "System Reserved" 100mb MTFS. How do I move it to Disk 0 - without reinstalling the server?

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You should be able to move the partition over to the other drive with a partition manager, something along the lines of Acronis, Patition Magic and maybe even gParted. You may need to resize the existing partitions on Disk 0 to get things to fit.

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