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I'm trying to limit bandwidth in centOS. I have tried using bw_module, cband_module and bandwidth_module, but all of those required to use the httpd.conf and must restart httpd!

I have to do this live. I want to allow smooth updates when the site is up and DO NOT restart. Is there any way to use .htaccess and not httpd.conf?

Here is my httpd.conf code:

CBandScoreFlushPeriod 1
CBandRandomPulse On
<Virtualhost *>
    BandwidthModule On
    ForceBandWidthModule On
    Bandwidth all 500000

I need to insert

Bandwidth 123.456.748.9 20000

for a lot of IPs and to be dynamic. Is there any way?

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It is possible to do this with iptables (see

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I have tried iptables and no luck i used the tutorial : which sets 2 groups of Download and upload (can make more) and then i can add ip to the groups. the problem is i tried add my ip and its not working help? – user76583 Aug 31 '11 at 11:08

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