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It looks like the cma process(es) on my RHEL 5.6 box leak memory.

I see that in 4.5.0 patch 1 fixes for a couple memory leaks were provided.

But I can't tell which version our IaaS provider is running. I can see a 4.5.0 directory in the McAfee directory but I've tried running strings on binaries to no avail.

McAfee KB link here re: build numbers for non-Windows.

Anyone know how I can tell which build is installed?

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I found it in the naming of the RPM itself. i.e.:

[root@server ~]# rpm -q MFEcma

1470 equates to patch 1 as listed in the aforementioned KB link.

Doesn't explain my alleged memory leak but it wouldn't surprise me if patch 3 fixes an undocumented leak...

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