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What's the recommended method of doing Apache based PHP virtual hosting installations where each site would have one and just one user allocated for it?

  • Read and execute for one user per site only (not www-data or all users)
  • /srv/www installation folder (not /home, the user does not have a shell)
  • Write access limited to one folder

As I believe this would add some security against the cases where one site get compromised on a shared host.

I'd be grateful for pointers to tools, tutorials, etc.

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Why not /home, just because the user doesn't have a shell? The whole process is quite straightforward, you just create the user-per-site, make the permissions appropriately, and then, most importantly, run PHP as the user (with suPHP or php-fpm). Sudo really never comes into it.

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Thanks. I clarified the title - I mean sudo as "switch user" not sudo the command – Mikko Ohtamaa Aug 31 '11 at 9:55

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