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I have created a user, named test, now I want to give this user root privileges, so as root, I've added this user to the sudoers list in CentOS.

root    ALL=(ALL)       ALL
test    ALL=(ALL)       ALL

The problem is though, when i login as test I have no access to any root commands.

What could the problem be?


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What output you get? – quanta Sep 1 '11 at 10:01
yum update Loaded plugins: fastestmirror You need to be root to perform this command. – terrid25 Sep 1 '11 at 10:03
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You must use sudo to execute root commands, e.g:

sudo yum update
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Generally, it's not such a good idea to do that :> It would be better to add him in an admin group.

Except for that, check root's and test's paths

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