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Like an idiot I was chown some files and did the command chown -R root:root / which as you can imagine has caused me some problems, i stopped it as soon as i could but i can no onger access plesk control panel and emails are not working for websites, however the websites are all still live and working so i do not think it reached var/www/ has anyone any ideas other than restoring the server I am trying to keep the sites up as long as I can as I have over 130 clients live right now.

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Ir you are looking to fix the messed up ownerships then man rpm and read the "verify options" section .

As you are only looking for files where the ownership is different then you can toss a few flags to rpm to help speed up the process and cut down the noise a bit.

rpm -Va --noscripts --nodeps --nofiledigest --nomtime --nosize ...

This can at least give you a list of files for which the ownership needs to be checked.

Note that:

  1. This only works for files that were installed with rpm/yum .

  2. This doesn't tell you what the correct ownership should be-- just that it isn't what the rpm installed it as. If you have another system to check against however then you could use that to compare the ownership of those files.

If the problem is files that weren't installed via rpm/yum then... do you have a good backup that could be used to check ownerships against?

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Please note that this is command string will work on just Centos 6. –  Rilindo Sep 22 '11 at 2:21

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