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Possible Duplicate:
Monitoring social sites usage and sending warnings to users that went over daily quota

It is well-known how to block social network websites in /etc/hosts, squid, etc. But I don't want to block. I want to limit its usage and give all users in my company, let's say, 10 minutes per day to each such site or 30 minutes to group of sites like facebook, youtube, etc. Or, limit each user to one single visit to per day.

Is squid configurable to do this? If so, how? What I need?

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I would look for something that can monitor web usage and pull reports from it each day / week / whatever. If anyone has exceed what the policy says is allowable then it is down to management to deal with it. – pipTheGeek Sep 3 '11 at 16:35

Packet/traffic shapers like have the capability to limit the amount of traffic to a specific site on a per user basis against a programmed time frame (e.g. per day), which may achieve a variation of what you described.

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