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We have a Postfix SMTP server that's bound to two IP addresses and serves mail for two different domains. We can't change the domains to both use the same, single IP. Both IP addresses have reverse DNS

  • reverses to
  • reverses to

In our Postfix config I have

myhostname =
myhostname =

inet_interfaces =,

smtpd_banner = $myhostname Mail Server

(And some other stuff, which I think is irrelevant)

Using MXToolbox, running the smtp test command on returns everything as OK, however running it on returns an error because Postfix is identifying itself as '' in the SMTP banner, how do I get it to return the correct banner based on the external IP address used?

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You need to edit

replace the line starting with "smtp" with:  inet  n  - - - -  smtpd -o  inet  n  - - - -  smtpd -o

If you set one variable multiple times only one of them will remain.

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