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All of my virtual servers are on Centos 5.5. Now I am deploying new one and there is a new OS option: CentOS 6. I like new software, and I prefer to use new versions (but not the edge). So, as far as I am not an administrator and my apps are not highloaded is it a good choice to prefer CentOS 6 to CentOS 5.5?

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In my opinion, no. CentOS 6 is very much behind RHEL 6.1 and Scientific Linux 6.1. See:

The problem here is that the upstream distribution has moved on, so CentOS 6 isn't really a good target platform. I would wait until CentOS 6.1 is available or stick with 5.x.

Edit: One option for CentOS 6 is to leverage the continuous release repository (CR), which keeps the CentOS 6 point release in sync with RHEL 6.1. It's a slight compromise, but would be another option for continuing to use CentOS.

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Even 5.x is falling behind. RHEL 5.7 has been out since Jul 21st, and as of today, still no CentOS 5.7. – Chad Feller Sep 5 '11 at 16:14
@Chadd, that is not true: [root@centos /]# cat /etc/redhat-release CentOS release 5.7 (Final) – Rilindo Dec 3 '11 at 20:44

Certainly you should test things, but CentOS 6 is essentially RHEL 6, and RHEL 6 has been in serious production for almost 10 months now (CentOS was slow in getting organized for RHEL 6 for whatever reason).

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