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I got some troubles. Mailing lists of mailman cannot receive mails from only my mail-address.

I stated trouble details in the following. The server have mailman software. Any lists created on the server cannot become aware of my mail. (I referenced /var/log/maillog, but what I sent mails is not recorded in the log.) And, the other users can deliver mails through these lists, and I can receive these mails.

Of course, I can send mails to another mailaddress except these list addresses. I think using mail-server of my mail address doesn't have any troubles.

What's happend?

Could you give me information about... - Supposed troubles - Which log file should I see?

Thank you.

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When that happened to me, it was because the SMTP connector on our Exchange server handling my email had hung. All outside addresses could send to lists...but not me.

I don't know if you're sending locally or with some other computer. What are you using to send? Outlook? webmail? the local sendmail,postfix,etc?

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