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How can I configurate bash or tmux for make konsole change window title?

If I run tmux from xterm, it changes title
But from konsole not change

I also have some tricks in bashrc

# window title
if [ "$SHELL" = '/bin/bash' ] && [ ! -z "$KONSOLE_DBUS_SESSION" ]
  case $TERM in
        trap 'qdbus org.kde.konsole $KONSOLE_DBUS_SESSION org.kde.konsole.Session.setTitle 1 $HOSTNAME\ :\ $BASH_COMMAND' DEBUG

And after this title is changed manually from bash, but if run tmux it not changed again!


Update: thing that i need is a %w modificator in window title for konsole.

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Please answer your own question and accept it when the system allows. – Iain Nov 8 '11 at 11:11
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Thing that i need is a %w modificator in window title for konsole.

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