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Possible Duplicate:
Is it possible to obtain a copy of Amazon Linux for use outside AWS

Does anyone know if it's possible to copy an Amazon Web Services EC2 image of a server back to a local machine and run it in Virtual Box? From research I can see that it's possible to do the reverse, take a Virtual Box image and migrate it to AWS, but I'm not sure if you can copy a live server setup to Virtual Box for development.

I've recently taken over a project being hosted on AWS EC2. The project requires linux and a fair bit of custom configuration to run, so this seamed the best way to setup a dev environment (our development machines are Macs).

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According to this answer: Is it possible to obtain a copy of Amazon Linux for use outside AWS

You can use ec2-unbundle to download any AMI you control.

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Last time I checked, there wasn't a way to port them out - can you run DEV using a cloned machine in AWS?

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You might take a look at VMware Converter - It has the ability to convert live running systems into VMware format, which VirtualBox can mount. The resulting image may require some driver updates for VirtualBox optimizations.

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