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i have a server with dovecot and ISPConfig installed. Right now i have mailboxes, and using my gmail for fetching emails using pop3. problem is google checks emails every X minutes. i have a hotmail account, and emails from that account are forwarded directly to my gmail.

i want to set up something similar, that incoming emails will be forwarded immediately. i would set up a mail forward, but i still want the mailbox to exist on the server (for sending using SMTP). I want to avoid using google's mail server for managing my accounts under google apps. Just need incoming emails to be forwarded immediately.

How can this be done?

ps. i could think of an ugly idea to get it done - send a copy to my gmail account, and delete incoming emails under pop3 using gmail. i'd prefer avoiding that too.

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Your local MDA probably supports something like .forward files, if you have a home directory on the server. If you are using something else than Postfix / Exim / Qmail / Sendmail (in vaguely descending order of weirdness), tell us what you do have.

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postfix it is. thanks i'll have a look – galchen Sep 5 '11 at 12:02

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