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My knowledge on Dell server is growing daily, however there are many areas where I still require assistance. For example,

Our institution recently purchased a LT2000 tape library system. This also came with a SAS controller card for porting to one of our power edge 2950 servers running ESXI 4.1. I have installed the card on the power edge, rebooted, however how do I verify that the card was installed correctly?

Also, do I have to do any other configurations to set up this card correctly.

Thanks for any insight


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In VMWare vCenter or from the VMWare client, browse to the Server -> Configuration -> Storage Adapters and look for the adapter in the listing. In the example below, you'll see a SCSI card listed as "vmhba1". The numbering may be different in your case, but you'll see something similar.

You will also need to attach this SCSI/SAS card to the virtual machine running the backup software. VMWare has a knowledge base article describing this process.

enter image description here

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