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When trying to subscribe to a channel named "public" with Meteor, a specialised web server for real-time push using COMET, I get the desired response:


When the http request is:

GET /push/131530959548387383/xhrinteractive/public?nc=1315309595740 HTTP/1.1

But when i try to subscribe to a channel named in english and hebrew such as: "tag-קוקאין" and the http request is:

GET /push/1315309516300999786/xhrinteractive/tag-%D7%A7%D7%95%D7%A7%D7%90%D7%99%D7%9F?nc=1315309516590 HTTP/1.1

I get an akward response - the name of the channel became dots:

<script>ch("tag-............", 0);</script>

The file that is responsible of figuring out the header uses this regex:

        my $persist=$self->getConf('Persist');
        my $maxTime=$self->getConf('MaxTime');
        $self->{'ConnectionTimeLimit'} = ($self->{'ConnectionStart'}+$maxTime) if ($maxTime>0);

        my @channelData=split('/',$3);
        my $channels={};
        my $channelName;
        my $offset;
        foreach my $chandef (@channelData) {
            if($chandef=~/^([a-z0-9_\-\%]+)(.(r|b|h)([0-9]*))?$/i) {
                $channelName = $1;
                $channels->{$channelName}->{'startIndex'} = undef;
                if ($3) {
                   $offset = $4;
                   if ($3 eq 'r') { $channels->{$channelName}->{'startIndex'} = $offset; }
                   if ($3 eq 'b') { $channels->{$channelName}->{'startIndex'} = -$offset; }
                   if ($3 eq 'h') { $channels->{$channelName}->{'startIndex'} = 0; }

I might add that Meteor is a comet server of it's own. it's purpose is to push notifications in real time:

There has to be a fix for this somewhere.. i tried searching everywhere with no avail. I will be grateful if someone will point me to some direction.

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It would help if you linked to a page describing what Meteor is - RSS reader, application, web server?

And provide some details, e.g. does Meteor claim to support UTF-8, and have you configured it to do so? Also what platform are you on, and is this a client or server app?

The first character (%D7%A7) in the 2nd URL given above is the UTF-8 encoding (D7 A7) of this Hebrew character - probably what's happening is that the GET is being correctly encoded in UTF-8 (the default for modern browsers and client apps), but the response either is not valid UTF-8, or the client application doesn't recognise it as UTF-8.

Update 1:

  • The code looks like Perl, which does have Unicode support, but Unicode-enabling a Perl application is not always a simple task. However it is possible to do it in portions e.g. just have that regex $chandef=~/^([a-z0-9_\-\%]+)(.(r|b|h)([0-9]*))?$/i match a UTF-8 alphanumeric etc string - see the Encode CPAN module and similar encode/decode builtins, as long as you are using Perl 5.8+ and preferably 5.10+. Any time you see [a-z] in code, it's a red flag for internationalisation and Unicode. This is turning into a StackOverflow answer so I'll stop there...
  • You haven't answered my 2nd and 3rd questions but the code makes it clear that Meteor won't support UTF-8 without some code changes.
  • You really need to talk to the Meteor developers as this is quite specific to this server, see
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Thanks @RichVel for responding and sorry for that, i have edited the question. – Tom Sep 6 '11 at 12:44

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