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The problem is that, i cant find good tool for QoS configuration testing(linux). I have some switches and configured QoS on them. Installed two PC's with wireshark for watching whether switches are colouring packets, so thats ok. But how to check bandwidth allocation? I know iperf, it can set ToS . But may be there is some special utility?

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So what i get until now: -wireshark for ToS-Diffserv -iperf for emulating udp|tcp activity –  TiFFolk Jun 24 '09 at 16:42

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Bit low-tech but we test ours with big httpgets from known sources - we do lots of these and average them out.

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The real way would be with a hardware tool like Ixia pumping your switches.
You could check vendors to get it on loan for testing if this is a one time requirement.

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