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I'm building VMs centrally and distributing subtly tweaked versions to different people. I've been doing this by mounting the virtual hard disk and editing files. I'm pretty confident I can do something similar with the registry. The next subtle tweak I'd like to make is to the SQL memory allocations.

I know you can change this by running a stored proc, but is there any way to do it that would work while the machine is offline? If not, is there a way I can push a sql command onto a queue somewhere so that it gets run the next time SQL starts up?

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What you can do is use the stored procedure sp_procoption to run a specified sp at startup. In this procedure you'll have to read your values from the registry, file or other linked server.

See: sp_procoption


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You can run a stored procedure on startup - see Your stored procedure could then read in parameters from the file system. Bit nasty though.

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A fun way to do this across many machines using the power of SQL 2008 is by using the new policy based management. Create a policy that sets the max memory to a number of your choosing. Apply your policy against the target server and your setting will change. If you don't have a SQL 2008 instance in-house yet you can download the 180-day trial of Enterprise Edition and try it out.

Try SQL 2008:

Policy Based Management team blog (great resource):

Blog regarding PBM against 2000/2005 servers:

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