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My objective is to have a URL like -

So, assuming I register a TLD web-site called with Afghanistan (af) ... is there any way I can set up my server infrastructure so that the URL I handout would be -

And not

Is there a possibility of achieving this?

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DNS is a hierarchy, with the topmost element at the far right.

If you want a DNS entry for you would need to register af.ia.
This is currently impossible: The .ia top-level domain does not exist according to the root zone database.

You can petition ICANN for a new top-level domain, but I doubt you'll get it (and it would be hideously expensive...)

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In that case, you'd need to own the af domain under an ia top-level domain (which I'm sure ICANN will provide for a scant investment of hundreds-of-thousands per year), and make a subdomain of m.

Under a domain that you control (af), you can create any number or structure of subdomains that you please.

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The only way this would work is if you could find a provider that allows you to register ".ia" addresses. Your current/example name is in the ".af" DNS namespace, so any domains you create will always end in .af

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