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I am getting DNS lookup timeouts, but all DNS health checks say that everything is fine. The only problem I found:

  • At least one server is missing a reverse record pointing back to its host name

  • Recursive Queries Denied

  • Your SOA EXPIRE number is: 3600000. That is NOT OK

I always believed that these are optional and can be abused .. see here

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Those all look OK to me, although it would help if you told us which domain this is for.

  1. Missing reverse records - nope, the DNS protocol doesn't itself rely on those for its core function
  2. Recursive queries denied - yes, that's what you should have on an authoritative server
  3. SOA Expire of 3600000 - 41 days, a little long maybe, but it's only used when you have masters and slaves using AXFR / IXFR, and doesn't affect normal DNS lookup timers
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