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I can access because my AD domain is and the webserver's name on the domain is www.

I want to access and and whatever alter ego my webserver wants (all on same web server).

Everything is accessible from outside of the firewall, (Port 80 and 443 are forwarded there). But nothing but and is accessible from inside.

What sort of a rule do I need to apply?

(An awesome answer would explain using ASDM, not just command line. I'm not an idiot, I'm a programmer)

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googled "dns doctoring two nat interfaces" (after an hour of looking at doctoring three NAT interfaces, not that I have three NAT interfaces)

This command really did it static (inside,inside) netmask

And if anyone can tell me what to click on to do it through the ASDM so I can explain it to the guy sitting next to me who administers our network, I'd give them ultimate props.

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