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I've been at this all day, trying to get Web Deployment setup on my server. First off, I'm running IIS7 under Windows Server 2008 Data Center 64bit (on a VPS). At first I thought I had it working, but it seems I was using the old (Windows Administrator login only) IIS6 stuff that comes alongside IIS7.

I've followed this guide perfectly, and I'm still getting errors:

This is the error I receive (as per the directions at the end of the article):

enter image description here

Any help is appreciated. I've tried everything (I've verified all the basic things like LOCAL SERVICE folder access, IIS Manager permissions, the service is active, etc).

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This is the error you would see if you try to connect to a web server where the remote management service is disabled.

From an elevated command prompt, type: net start wmsvc

You can also accomplish this from the Services Console, go to Administrative Tools -> Services and find the service Web Management Service and make sure it is started

Hope this helps

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