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I tried them both, I'm having troubles to configure them,so is there a third one that is easier to install and configure?

I'm using centos 5 64 bit xen vps

for example I'm following this tutorial, it says: Append following two config directive to setup ftp port ranges:


but i cannot find the ports to append them and i don't want to open port 21, I want to open a port like 538, I know how but I can't fix the first problem

the configuration is not working, I'm looking for an easier to install and configure alternative, do you know any?

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Vsftpd is very easy to configure. I think your difficulty is because you're confusing a port range configuration for passive FTP with the listening port for the command channel (what normally runs on port 21.) Give this document a once-over to see what I mean:

The configuration option you're looking for in vsftpd.conf to change the command port from 21 to 538 is "listen_port". See the configuration documentation on your system ("man vsftpd.conf") or here:

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To configure proftpd is even easier. But these kind of questions are stupid questions. There is no "magic-magic-FTPd" that interprets what a user wants and configures itself. Configuration is always needed or the next question would be: "Why is easyftpd so unflexible?" – mailq Sep 8 '11 at 13:48
I have always wondered whether these passive port opening should be considered as a security risk to be exploited by a potential hacker. Can anyone shed some light? – black sensei Oct 29 '13 at 7:52

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