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If I have an .htaccess file in a given directory within my website, and want to specify an ErrorDocument relative to the .htaccess file, NOT relative to the document root, is this possible?

Something like: ErrorDocument 404 $CURRENT_DIRECTORY/404.php

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NO -- documentation clearly shows what can be used as a value there and no variable parsing/replacement is performed: – LazyOne Sep 8 '11 at 21:55
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While a number of directives are sensitive to relative directory while within an .htaccess or <Directory> context, ErrorDocument is not. Per the documentation:

URLs can begin with a slash (/) for local web-paths (relative to the DocumentRoot), or be a full URL which the client can resolve.

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You could create a "master" 404.php that's used for all 404s, then within that file include the specific 404.php using a path determined by the request, an environment variable (set with SetEnv), etc.

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