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What is trying to be achieved:

  1. Redirect any http traffic to https traffic
  2. If just the domain or root is entered, a redirection occurs to a particular path/url


  • User entered -> redirected to
  • ->
  • ->
  • ->

What works:

  • User entered -> redirected to
  • ->
  • ->
  • And any https valid path entered directly also correctly works

What doesn't work:

  • ->

No redirect occurs (no 302 is returned), instead a 404 with, "The resource '/' was not found (insufficent components in path).", which is the webservice application (mdesign) stating nothing at '/' because what we want is in /mdesign/0/procs/


  • IIS 6.0 Used for the redirection on top of
  • mDesign which is an application serving the https traffic but uses basic windows httpapi so web configuration options within the application are limited (ie no redirection from http->https)

Home Directory Tab for properties iis 6.0:

  • Content should come from:A redirection to a URL
  • Redirect to:
  • The client will be sent to:The exact URL entered above
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