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On a cisco device, you can run show cdp neighbors detail, and for each neighbour, you will see a line showing the capabilities, e.g.:

Platform: cisco WS-C6509-E,  Capabilities: Router Switch IGMP 

How can you see this for the device you are currently on? show version has the platform, but not the capabilities.

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Don't know of a way from the device itself, but you could packet capture out of a port on the switch with CDP enabled, and look at the packet...or go to the other switch and do a sh cdp neigh. While these work, they don't answer the question. –  Theo Sep 9 '11 at 12:49

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This list of capabilities is really kind of bogus. It really just identifies whether it's a layer 2 device, layer 3 device, etc. If you're logged in, you should know what the device can do. Instead you might need to find out what features are supported, in which case you'd use a combination of the model and IOS verson with the cisco feature navigator tool: http://tools.cisco.com/ITDIT/CFN/jsp/index.jsp

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