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Recently installed ubuntu server+lamp+webmin+proftpd. Set static ip. Now wanna publish multiple webistes form seperate pots on local network. Let's say my servers ip is so site 1 will work with url second ... How can i configure it? Thx in advance

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That's not generally how you do multiple sites on the same host. It would normally be done using Name-based virtual hosting. There is support for this in webmin.

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You need to implement a Name-based virtual hosting like what @lain said. I would suggest you follow this link. Although it does not show you how to set multiple websites using webmin, doing it via CLI is better.

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I would suggest installing Virtualmin, its a hosting control panel based on and written by the same people as Webmin.

They have got a script which will install everything from scratch and then give you a nice control panel to manage everything. You can download it at http://www.virtualmin.com/download

The install script it at


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