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When performing backups under Bash with rsync, I'm trying to exclude all dotfiles and hidden directories in the top directory, but not those in otherwise targeted directories. For example:


rsync -a --include=".includeme" --exclude=".*" . DEST fails to copy the desired dotfiles in subdirectories, but variations such as --exclude="./.*" also fail.

Suggestions? Does this require a filter rule as opposed to the simpler --exclude?

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You should use anchor, and in rsync the anchor character is '/'.

So in your string should be:

rsync -a --include="/.includeme" --exclude="/.*" ./ DEST
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I usually prefer to create .rsync-filter files containing the patterns:

- /.*

That way,

rsync -hxDPavilyzHFF --stats --delete ./ remote:/backup/

is the ideal backup command. The filtering is done by the -FF flags.

Note that using this method, you can have various .rsync-filter files in various subdirectories, applying to their respective subtrees. You can override exclusions in subdirectories as well, using this method.

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