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I work at a small company that is going for ISO certification, and as a part of that we need to have our servers in a SAS-70 data center. Could anyone make some recommendations besides Hosted Solutions in Charlestown (we're familiar with those guys and they are... sub-optimal for a variety of reasons)?

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What ISO certification are you shooting for? It's unrelated to the question, but we are also looking at what auditing standards and certifications our company should be targeting. – Doug Luxem Jun 24 '09 at 16:50

Vericenter has a SAS 70 Type II-compliant facility in Boston.

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Navisite has a SAS 70 Type II-compliant datacenter in Andover.

I'd stay away from them. They were expensive and not at all responsive.

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Savvis BO2/BO3 is compliant.

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You may also want to take a look at 2nPlus1, it's a pretty new facility on the sommerville/cambridge line (on mcgrath highway).

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Sungard is great. We use them for all but one of our Datacenters and that's only because they don't have a presence in Australia.

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ColoSpace has six (6) SAS 70 Type II Data Centers throughout New England. Competitive pricing, responsive customer service and exceptional engineering/technical support. Somerville, Waltham, Rockland, Marlborough, Bedford,NH and Manchester, NH.

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