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I want to secure a part of my site served by Apache with an HTML form. Apache 2.3 has a module name mod_auth_form for this purpose. How do I do it on Apache 2.0?

I do not want to use HTTP authentication.

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To be clear, you're asking how to use an Apache 2.3 module on Apache 2.0 (an older version)? That can't be done. – Stefan Lasiewski Mar 13 '13 at 1:18

In older versions of Apache, you need to use basic/digest HTTP authentication or some kind of content management system with it's own auth system.

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I'm looking for solution to this problem too.

After searching for some time, I found the solution called mod_auth_cookie_mysql

With the module, you authenticate a user with MySQL, then set the cookie in the browser.

When accessing a secured site, the module will verify the cookie with information in MySQL, and will allow authenticated user in.

More info at

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Upgrade your server to Apache 2.3/2.4. There's a reason why new versions come out: new features

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