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Hi i am running weblogic 8.1 on a unix server. I currently had 4 managed servers running fine and started two more today. Unfortunately people started getting denied with a "The server is not licensed for this operation.connect rejected, the server license allows connections from only 5 unique IP addresses. When i check my license.bea file it appears to be for only a developer license, which would make sense. The part I'm confused on is why my other 4 managed servers never receive this message. Don't they all use the same license file? They are all in the same directory?

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Looks like your Weblogic install is unlicensed, or at least you haven't installed the license file. You need to stick the file license.bea in the BEA_HOME directory.

The 5 IP limit is always enforced by Weblogic when running in development mode.

It's also advisable to use a reverse web proxy in front of the Weblogic managed servers.

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