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I am managing all my instances with the AWS Management Console (the GUI web console) but now I want to use Auto Scale and it seems that this can not be done with that console. Yes, there is CloudWatch but I can only create alarms (e-mail notifications), it seems that CouldWatch needs you to add the auto scale policy in some other place (by command line console?). I would like to use some easy GUI interface. Ylastic and Scalr seems to be a good option. Which one do you think is better?

Regarding Scalr, is there any difference between the open source software Scalr and the service I mean, is the GUI interface the same? I like the idea of the Scalr because I do not need to give my Secret Access Key to a third party (like in Ylastic or in

One question about the Scalr software, it has to be installed in the instances or it must be installed in another machine? Do I need to setup again all my security permissions, AMIs, snapshots, etc. or I can use AWS Management Console for everything and Scalr just to auto scale.

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Regarding Scalr's open-source vs hosted version, GUI is the same - I am just not 100% sure if the open source version is 100% up to date. We are using the hosted version.

Scalr itself (if you chose to host it yourself) needs to run separately in order to manage your EC2 instances. This will give you a nice overview:

In theory you can migrate your current instances to scalr but I am sure devil is in the details. Some careful planning would be required in order to complete the migration:

If you use standard components, you might prefer to use Scalr's ready server templates (Roles in scalr terminology) those as starting points and modify as needed.

In general I can highly recommend Scalr as a value for money alternative to Rightscale. You will surely appreciate the automation and configuration capabilities vs managing things manually via the aws interface.

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You should also take a look at , autoscaling triggers based on many metrics. A lot of automation and ready to use load balancers , app servers and db servers.

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