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In *nix, vim syntax files are in ~/.vim/syntax/[language].vim But on windows dot is not a welcome folder name start, so it suppose to be _vim\syntax\[language].vim I have tried putting language files in such folder, but :set syntax=[language] does nothing on windows vista :(. Surprisingly, _vimrc works fine. Any tips?

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Under windows vista+ vim keeps syntax files not in %USERPROFILE%.vim\syntax and not in %USERPROFILE%_vim\syntax but in %USERPROFILE%\vimfiles\syntax

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In Windows it's perfectly permissible to start folder names with a "." For example looking in an example tree downloaded using SVN there are dozens of folders called ".svn".


Reply to Eye of Hell:

Try opening a command prompt and you'll find you can do

c:\test>md .afolder
c:\test>dir .afolder
 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is ACA6-4A59

 Directory of c:\test\.afolder

24/06/2009  17:59    <DIR>          .
24/06/2009  17:59    <DIR>          ..
               0 File(s)              0 bytes
               2 Dir(s)  41,312,174,080 bytes free

However having just tried to create a folder called ".afolder" in Explorer, you're quite correct! That seems rather silly design by MS. Nevertheless, this is just an Explorer limitation and names starting with a dot are perfectly legal.


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It's kind of special that can be created only via API, not from windows explorer. – Eye of Hell Jun 24 '09 at 16:47
See my reply. You live and learn :-) Of course real nerds use the command line! – John Rennie Jun 24 '09 at 17:03
You live and learn. Thank you a lot, i was sure it's only available via ::CreateFileW() :). – Eye of Hell Jun 24 '09 at 17:06

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