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I recently installed SQL Server Express 2005 with all available options. When I run Start->Programs->SQL Server 2005->Reporting Services Configuration I get an error immediatley:

"An unknown error has occurred in the WMI Provider. Error Code 8000000A"

I then cannot configure a reporting server. Any suggestions for how to fix this issue?

EDIT: I am running running this on a Windows XP machine, and I have installed SQL Server 2005 Version 9.1.2047.00, which I believe is SP 1.

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Have you installed SP2 or SP3 for SQL Server 2005? This is an issue with SP1 on Vista/2k8.


From the afore mentioned website (around halfway down):

Reporting Services SP1 and earlier do not run on Windows Vista. If you try to run an SP1 report server on Windows Vista, you will encounter: An unknown error has occurred in the WMI provider. Error Code 8000000A when using Reporting Services Configuration tool

NOTE: This quote has been modified from the original to narrow scope to your exact error.

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As it turns out this error disappears when you do things with administrative access. I must have not had the right permissions. Too bad the error message couldn't be a little more informative.

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