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launchctl has a "Status" column in the launchctl list output. The manpage or any of the related launchd manpages do not mention this column or what it means.

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It is the last exit code of that service.

The launchctl man page describes it.

 list [-x] [label]
          With no arguments, list all of the jobs loaded into launchd in
          three columns. The first column displays the PID of the job if
          it is running.  The second column displays the last exit status
          of the job. If the number in this column is negative, it repre-
          sents the negative of the signal which killed the job.  Thus,
          "-15" would indicate that the job was terminated with SIGTERM.
          The third column is the job's label.
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Thanks for the answer! I'm on 10.5 they added this in the 10.6 manpage. (If you go to Apple's page and choose 10.5 you can see it lacks the above bit… ) – ldrg Sep 14 '11 at 4:33

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