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I need a free webpage or -preferably- a deployable web application that allows me to collect ideas from multiple users. I remember checking out a feature-request platform but I cannot remember the URL or the name of the tool.

The users should be able to:

  • Submit their ideas
  • Vote on other people's ideas
  • Discuss already added ideas
  • Report abuse
  • Less importantly see information like "Already accepted ideas", "Total ideas in the system", "Most discussed ideas"

The owner of the project should be able to:

  • All the things above
  • Remove submissions
  • Moderate the content generated by the community

It is enough if you tell me how are these platforms called so I can research the topic myself.


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Uservoice and GetSatisfaction sound like the kind of service you are looking for.

IdeaTorrent is another alternative, based on Drupal.

You can find many more options in this question on StackOverflow.


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