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I have 2 domains



DNS records: MYIP @ my.ex2.com


<VirtualHost *:1337> 
DocumentRoot "D:/Webserver/domains/ex1.com/www" 
ServerName "ex1.com" 
ServerAlias "ex1.com" "sub.my.ex2.com"
ErrorLog "logs/ex-error.log" 
CustomLog "logs/ex-access.log" common 
<Directory "D:/Webserver/domains/ex1.com"> 
Allow From all 
AllowOverride All 

How to make a subdomain to my.ex2.com as alias ex1.com?

I need the next: ex1.com = sub.my.ex2.com

Sorry for bad english

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You just add all the domains you want into the serverAlias directive: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/core.html#serveralias

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Correct DNS record *.my @ ip

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