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Has anyone ever run into a problem where a wildcard mapping was overriding a standard mapping? Is this expected behavior? In my case I have my wildcard mapped to aspnet_isapi.dll for a cms application and then the .iirf extension mapped to the .iirf dll. However, I noticed that the .iirf requests are going to and erroring out rather then going to the .iirf dll. When I remove the aspnet wildcard mapping, then it seems to work properly.


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I haven't seen this occur. I bet it's a dependency that is not working. The one example I can think of is if you are depending on default docs, then a wildcard mapping will break the default docs, causing .NET to handle that request before .iirf gets a chance.

So the wildcard mapping isn't overriding .iirf, but it is overriding the default doc behavior.

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