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I'm in the process of changing the IP address of my nameserver and I want a way to tell how many queries I am still receiving on the old IP address to track how well the change is being picked up.

Is this something I can do in BIND9 logging or would I have to go outside it to something like tcpdump to track this? I want to still process queries on multiple IPs but I want some sign of the relative quantity of queries between the 2 IPs.

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What operating system is it on? – bahamat Sep 14 '11 at 19:49

Here is a hack: for each IP, use identical named.conf config files except for different listen-on directives and a logging clause for for the old IP address.

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I fear Bind can not do it. There is no print-interface available. See the documentation:

Maybe Iptables helps to do that. There is a ULOG target for user space logging of packets and a corresponding ulogd. See here:

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